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I got the idea for this blog earlier this year after seeing the movie 21 Jump Street starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. I'm a longtime connoisseur of all things Johnny Depp and loved his cameo appearance in it. However, I'd never seen the original '80s TV show that made Johnny both a teen idol and a household name. My best friend, a fellow Johnny Depp lover, told me I absolutely had to watch the series.

I was given a DVD box set of Season One as a birthday present. I really enjoyed its unabashed cheesiness and unique blend of drama and comedy. I recently discovered that the rest of the series run is available for free on Hulu. My plan is to watch every single episode, then post a recap/critique of each installment. There were a total of 103 episodes over the show's 5-season run

I'm looking forward to seeing what the other 4 seasons hold. So hang on tight as I crack open the case files of the Jump Street Chapel!

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