Penhall-isms: Best of Season 2

  1. "A Penhall cover comes with a lifetime guarantee."
  2. Doug: "Personally, I hope there's a heaven or somethin' where I can still catch Monday Night Football."
    Tom: "Always the intellectual."
  3. (when asked what vitamins he does) "Did Wilma this morning and I'm thinkin' about doin' Fred or Dino tomorrow."
  4. (on the phone when he and Dorothy argue about what vegetable to serve with meatloaf) "Peas are fine. Carrots, lizard eggs, it doesn't matter!"
  5. (about the time he dated identical twins) "I was madly in love...or at least filled with lust."
  6. "According to the Penhall rules of dating, it's not the next day 'til the sun actually rises." 
  7. "I'm not married. I'm in hell."

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