Case #3.08: "The Blue Flu"

At a municipal building, large signs bear slogans such as "HAVE YOU PAID YOUR UNION DUES?" People are dropping ballots into boxes. Doug asks, "Wouldn't you love to see a thug get dropped in this mob and everybody clawin' over who gets the collar?" Cap'n Rufus has never seen turnout this big for the police union. The Jump Street cops discuss the issue they've been voting on, which is a new union contract.

The debate continues at a bar. Judy has voted in favor of a strike, not a popular decision. A newscaster comes on the bar TV to announce that 93% of the police officers voted to reject the new union contract terms offered by the city: "Officials call it an insult to the brotherhood of police." Harry doesn't like the idea of going on strike. Judy tells him not to worry; the city will make new offers and they'll be back to work in 3 days. I'm dreading this recap because a strike means no crimes to solve.

Cap'n Rufus stays at the Chapel doing paperwork because he's considered management and isn't allowed to go on strike. 

Doug, wearing teddy bear PJs, rolls over in bed to get the phone. "Did you just wake up? Doug, it's 10:00!" Dorothy yells. "No, I'm up," he yawns. She is upset about the strike and nags that they can't live on her salary alone. She left Doug a honey-do list on the kitchen table. He goes in to unfold it and it's at least as long as a yardstick. Doug pouts.

Harry and Judy are hanging out at his place and he's going crazy being on strike. 

Doug hurts his finger fixing the sink and he lets Booker talk him into going to the batting cages instead of finishing his chores. Booker's not at all worried about the strike because he saved up 79 sick days.

At a Japanese restaurant, Jackie schools Tom on how negotiators operate. 

Booker talks to an old-timer who tells him he quit striking because of the true spirit of Christmas, I mean, of being a cop.

Blowfish reads an article that says the city has stopped trying to negotiate. All sick pay will be rolled over to the next year to force the officers back to work. Cadets have been rushed through the academy so they can start patrols.

Dorothy calls Doug to tell him she got offered a sales job at her office. She's excited about getting more money from commissions. "You could also make less," Doug points out as he unpacks the groceries. Dorothy complains, "I hate my job. It's stupid. I hate answering phones." "Do you want the whole office to hear you yelling?" he asks. Dorothy hears clucking in the background and wonders what's going on. For whatever reason, Doug's brought home two live chickens. They've been invited to her boss's house for dinner. Doug is interviewing for a security guard job just in case but learns they filled their last spot with Judy.

Dinner with Dorothy's boss doesn't go quite as planned. Doug highlights the qualities that would make her a fit for sales. He and the boss go to the den for beers. Dorothy's boss pulls out a tray and snorts a couple lines of cocaine, then offers Doug some. Doug shows the boss his badge.

Cap'n Rufus gets off a patrol shift to find that someone has slashed his tires and spray-painted SCAB on his windshield.

Dorothy ends up getting a sales job after all. Cap'n Rufus finds out that his new rookie partner Gary flunked out of the academy three times before this time. Dorothy is upset that Doug didn't look the other way about her boss doing blow in front of him. Sarge, Booker's old-timer buddy, gets demoted and loses his pension for vandalizing Rufus's car. Booker thinks Sarge is innocent.

The city can't afford what the striking officers want and will be firing all officers who don't report to work the next morning. Harry plans on going back to work. Booker tells him, "No one forgets a scab." I think I know who slashed Cap'n Rufus's tires...

For some reason, Dorothy turns down the sales job. The city offers a better contract and the strike is over. Booker confesses to slashing the tires so Sarge can get his pension back. End of episode. 

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