Case #5.12: "Equal Protection"

Judy goes to visit Jamal, a kid she used to babysit. He and two friends are trying to become the next RUN-DMC but with more colorful outfits. Judy leaves to go back to work, but her car won't start. A police car appears and pulls over. The three boys are told to put their hands on the hood. The two police officers shout racial slurs and demand to know what gang the boys are in. The boys protest that they aren't in a gang. 

Judy approaches to see what's going on. One of the officers implies that she and the boys are "doing the nasty" together. The other one calls her Oprah and accuses her of interfering with police business. Judy produces her own badge. The cops drive away without arresting the boys. Theme song.

Judy tells Cap'n Rufus about the incident. The two officers who hassled Jamal and company are part of a decorated gang unit. Even Farmington's Strike Team behaved better. Judy admits to interfering before she told them she was a fellow cop. She thinks it's better to let it go.

Judy tells Jamal that she's not pressing charges. When she arrives at the Chapel, Officer Harding from the gang unit is right behind her. He apologizes for how his officers acted. There had been a shooting at a crack house and the three boys matched the description of the shooters. Harding is willing to suspend both officers for a week, but Judy says it's not necessary. He offers her a job with the gang unit.

Judy tells Mac that she's not filing charges. This makes me wonder how this episode can possibly go on for another 30 minutes. Jamal comes to Judy's house beaten up. One of the cops involved was Officer Harding. I hate these race-baiting episodes so the recap stops here.

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