Case #2.03: "Besieged (Part 2)"

Peter DeLuise's voice prefaces the "Last week on 21 Jump Street" montage. After the theme song, we join Fuller and Doug in the office of Lieutenant Greaves. Greaves is reluctant to investigate an 18-year department veteran "on some rookie's hunch." He wants more evidence. "What do you want? Snapshots?" asks Doug.

Greaves says the plainclothes cops had a different version of events. He thinks Doug couldn't have seen anything but a falling body given his position. 

Outside, Doug angrily slams his fists down on the trunk of a parked cruiser. He yells that they never stood a chance. Fuller says Doug will get special treatment himself if he stays on the job long enough. Doug doesn't think that's right. He doesn't want to get back in the car with Addabo after going to Internal Affairs. 

Tom partners with Addabo instead. He doesn't want Tom around if Tom doesn't want to ride with him. He knows why Doug isn't there and thinks Doug is paranoid and childish. Tom agrees that Doug is strange. "Between you and me," he adds, "I thought he'd wash out." It's always so nice to talk about your best friend behind their back. Tom spots Darlene standing on a corner, presumably working as a crack whore.

In the alley, the place where the body fell has been outlined in chalk. Fuller talks to the homicide detective assigned to the case. He thinks Doug froze up when he heard the shots. There's no evidence to suggest the kid was pushed.

In Cap'n Rufus's office, Doug asks if his boss believes him now. Rufus says there's a difference between thinking Doug is wrong and not believing him. Doug says he told Rufus everything he saw and heard, punching the file cabinet a couple of times for emphasis. At this rate, Doug's gonna have a broken arm by the episode's 20-minute mark. Doug announces that he's clocking out.

He walks over to Tom's desk to see if he has dirt on Addabo yet. It's only been half a day, so the answer is no. Tom thinks Addabo is a good cop, which doesn't improve Doug's mood. Harry shows Tom a death benefits check he got in the mail; apparently the paperwork snafu resulted in the department thinking he's dead.

At an apartment, Judy and Doug sit in the living room. There's a painting of flowers hanging on the wall. Between that and the leather furniture, we can tell it's not Casa de Penhall. 
Judy's choked up because she hasn't found Darlene and feels like she should've done more to help her. She continues in this vein as she paces. "Now she's a junkie, Doug," she sobs. Actually, she was a junkie when you met....and long before that.

Judy starts to cry even harder. Doug gets up off the couch and hugs her. Darlene being a junkie isn't fair because she's young and has a daughter. "Doug," she says at last, "didn't you come over here to complain?" 

Judy wipes her eyes, takes his hand, and leads him back to the couch. He says he doesn't wanna complain anymore, probably to avoid the potential of seeing her get upset again. Judy threatens to wipe her nose on his shirt if he doesn't talk.

Doug chuckles at this. He tells Judy it bothers him that no one believes him. She knows that's not all. Doug explains that he really looked up to Addabo and now it's looking like he's a murderer. Tom, Rufus, and Internal Affairs all think he's crazy.

"Maybe I am crazy," Doug says. Judy counters with the classic psychology question: "Do you think you're crazy?" Doug doesn't. He asks if Judy thinks he's crazy. She smiles and says, "That doesn't matter." 

They stare into each other's eyes for a few moments. Doug leans over and kisses Judy on the mouth. Whoa! I did not see that coming! And I'm not being sarcastic either.

Judy asks why he kissed her. Doug thought he needed to. When she has no response to that, he apologizes. Judy assures him it was okay. They kiss again. "I can't believe I'm kissing Doug Penhall," she says with a shy smile. Doug grins back. They start making out.

The next morning, Doug walks into work wearing a Hawaiian shirt worthy of Magnum P.I. and seems to be in a daze. Tom asks his partner if he's okay: "I called you half the night and you weren't home." He thinks Doug was with a woman and begins mocking Doug: "Hi, I'm Doug Penhall," he says in a pathetic voice. "I'm so depressed. Won't you take me to bed and cheer me up?"

Judy happens to walk in right as Tom's saying that. Surprisingly, Doug doesn't knock Tom on his ass...doesn't react at all, for that matter. He lies that he went home, fell asleep, and didn't hear the phone. Tom is meeting with Addabo soon. Doug tells him to be careful because he knows Addabo killed the kid.

Doug brings a cup of coffee to Judy. She brushes him off. He wants to talk. She wants to make sure the conversation stays private, so they head to the Chapel's basement. Doug tells Judy that he didn't plan for last night to happen. The ensuing "Oh my God, we made out" discussion is interesting enough to be recapped in full:

Judy: Come on, Penhall! Mr. White Knight arrives to console me. Next thing you know, I'm in his arms and then--Look, I feel like I got taken advantage of here, Doug. 

Doug: Hey, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. I'm the one who came over to be consoled. I'm the one whose friend is driving around with a murderer. I'm the one who everybody thinks is crazy. I thought maybe you were a sympathetic ear.
Judy: Oh, so you're trying to tell me that you didn't plan on getting me in the sack when you came over last night. 
Doug: No.
Judy: Then why did you have those things with you?
Doug: Things with me?
Judy: You had condoms in your wallet, Doug.
Doug: I always have condoms in my wallet.
Judy: Yeah?
Doug: Yeah. Like when you go for a drive, ya bring a spare with you in case ya get a flat.
Judy: That's just great! Judy Hoffs, road hazard.
Doug: Kinda.

Judy starts to storm out of the basement. Doug asks her to dinner. She says no way because last night was a mistake. Doug says, "I don't wanna walk into work and have you hate me because you think I tried to take advantage of you, okay?" Judy admits that they were "both equally stupid" but she still won't go out with him. 

Judy threatens to make Doug's life miserable if anyone finds out that he spent the night at her apartment. Doug doesn't understand why she's so upset. "You chickened out at the...last minute," he says, "We didn't do anything." Judy lets him know they never will. Ah, the perils of office romance.

The plainclothes cops wander around the park on Crack Row. Doug does too. The three meet up and Doug asks what happened on the roof. Plainclothes say that what happened is exactly what's in their report; everything was over when they got to Addabo.

Tom and Addabo walk the beat. A BMW makes an illegal U-turn and pulls up beside them, Ronnie behind the wheel. He brags that he makes Tom's yearly salary in a month. 

Cap'n Rufus goes to visit Lieutenant Greaves. He wants to see Addabo's personnel file. Greaves can't pull that himself without a reason. 

In yet another alley, Tom watches as Addabo roughs up another dealer. The dealer says he tossed the drugs. Addabo threatens him with death if he's lying and snaps at Tom to get in the car. As they speed down the street, Addabo says he thinks the dealer swallowed the crack. They have to get the guy to the hospital so his stomach can be pumped.

Addabo and Tom get lunch from a sandwich truck. The dealer swallowed 6 rocks, but the doctors were able to save him. Over chili dogs, Addabo tells Tom about a raid where a kid went into convulsions. He did CPR until the paramedics came and the guy died en route to the hospital. The coroner found bruises on the kid's heart and said outside forces contributed to his death. Addabo claims the bruises were caused by 15 minutes of CPR. The kid's family still filed a $5 million lawsuit against the city.

When Tom returns to the Chapel, he joins Doug in Cap'
n Rufus's office. Addabo is suspected of beating someone they pulled out of a crack house to death. Tom tells Rufus what Addabo said about doing with CPR. Doug thinks it's suspicious for Addabo to bring it up when they think he killed someone.

Tom points out that Doug isn't exactly a Boy Scout as far as the department is concerned. "Except I haven't killed anybody lately," says Doug and walks out. Tom doesn't know what to think about Addabo, but he doesn't strike him as a murderer. He thinks Ozzie was killed by Ronnie.

In the locker room, Tom lets Doug know that he trusts his partner's instincts. He still thinks Addabo is a good cop. Doug mutters that everyone's turning against him. He starts to open his locker, but Tom reaches out to slam it shut. Doug goes back downstairs.

On Crack Row, Darlene tearfully asks Ronnie for a loan; he owes her. She remembers when Ronnie flirted with her and asks for $20. She offers to have sex with him. Ronnie isn't attracted to her anymore because she's beat up from living on the street. He drives away. Tom witnesses the whole thing.

Blowfish arrives to clean the squadroom and Tom is still at his desk. Blowfish tells Tom he should go home; the kid can't work all the time. Tom invites Blowfish to get a drink with him.

Tom parks his Mustang on Crack Row. Blowfish doesn't even ask what they're doing in that neighborhood. Ronnie's Beemer is nearby with Voltron the bulldog sitting in the passenger seat; Ronnie is nowhere to be found. 

Tom and Blowfish go into a bar. Ronnie is inside playing pool. Tom acts like they're just in the neighborhood and he wants to see how Ronnie is. Ronnie thinks Tom must have a death wish to keep coming after him. He spits his gum on Tom's shoes. Tom lays him on top of the pool table, gun in hand. Ronnie's associate holds a gun to Blowfish's head. 

Inexplicably, Ronnie tells his partner to let Blowfish go. Tom won't be able to do anything because witnesses saw Tom throw the first punch. He and Blowfish leave. What exactly was the point of going down there again?

Doug walks down a hallway and knocks on a door. He's channeling Miami Vice with his sportcoat and robin's egg blue shirt. Judy opens the door. Doug doesn't want to compromise their working relationship, which is what'll happen if they don't talk about this like adults. Judy lets him in.

Tom, Harry, and Blowfish sit in a different bar. Blowfish is understandably upset about almost being killed. Tom is even more sure that Ronnie killed Ozzie. He asks where Doug is. "He's got some hot date again," says Blowfish.

Doug and Judy sit in her living room, her on the couch and him in the chair. He wants to let bygones be bygones so they don't have to keep apologizing to each other. Judy agrees and says he can join her on the couch. "I won't bite," she promises. When he sits next to her, Judy says, "Who woulda thought you'd turn out to be such a nice guy?" "Don't tell nobody," he says, "or I'll tell 'em all that you snore." They slept in the same bed? The plot thickens. 

On patrol the next morning, Addabo tells Tom he was stupid for going to the pool hall. He needs more evidence to make a murder charge stick to Ronnie. Addabo makes the tired argument that no one cares about the residents of Crack Row because they're black. He gets angry when Tom disagrees.

Judy pays Darlene a visit. She's living in the projects again. Judy turns on the light and sees Darlene has been beaten up. A customer hit her because he wasn't satisfied with her services. Judy warns her that this lifestyle will lead to her demise. Darlene says she doesn't want to do drugs anymore. She cries and tells Judy she's bad at being a prostitute.

Doug rides his motorcycle to a Crack Row alley. One of the plainclothes detectives emerges from the shadows. He's not so sure the rookie is wrong about Addabo. He tells Doug about the kid who OD'ed at the crackhouse last year. Addabo hit the boy with his fists and nightstick because he couldn't find drugs on him. He did CPR when the kid went into convulsions.

Tom stops to visit Ronnie in jail. He's just been bailed out. Ronnie tells Tom that he didn't kill Ozzie. Tom's suspicions made people scared of Ronnie, which the kid thanks Tom for. A bad-ass street rep is good for business.

Cap'n Rufus talks to Doug in his office. 2 shots were fired on the roof. The rounds matched Addabo's gun and so did the bullets found in Ozzie. Addabo is now wanted for questioning. 

We see Addabo in a motel room going through his awards from the police department. At the Chapel, Doug answers his phone and it's Addabo. He won't tell Doug where he is. 

The audio of Addabo's confession plays over a montage. Police cars surround the motel. Tom walks out of a room. Doug sits on the hood of a cruiser and brushes a tear from his eye. Addabo has committed suicide.

Judy takes Darlene to a rehab center. Darlene has been accepted to a drug treatment program, but there won't be an opening for 4 months. Fade out on Darlene's hopeless expression. End of episode.

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