Case #2.07: "Don't Stretch the Rainbow"

(This recap will not be as detailed as my earlier work. I haven't been posting often as usual and I'm trying to get back on schedule).

There's racial tension at a high school that has just gotten a new black principal. Unbeknownst to him, his teenage daughter, a student at the school, is involved in an interracial relationship with a white boy. Both of them run cross-country.

During a meet, the principal's daughter is struck by a pace car being driven by a white teacher. The black students are angered, thinking it was an intentional act. The principal's daughter eventually confesses that, while the teacher hitting her wasn't malicious, it wasn't an accident either.

The principal's daughter purposely threw herself in front of the car in an attempt to commit suicide or at least induce a miscarriage. She is terrified of having to tell her father that she's pregnant by her white boyfriend, because they've been dating secretly. She doesn't lose the baby and her father accepts the relationship.

In an unrelated and out of place side plot, Doug is attempting to start a stand-up comedy career at a local club's open-mic night. It doesn't go as planned because his jokes are terrible. 

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